Self-proclaimed lifelong Blackhawks fan Bob Jansen spent six hours on Saturday visiting scores of hockey blogs, seeking out bandwagon fans to insult. On average, he dedicates 10-12 hours per week to “putting 2009’ers in their place.”

“Do you even know what Hawkvision was?” he chided a commenter on “I was paying 30 bucks a month to watch the Hawks before you were even born! Go back to rooting for the Cubs, scumbag!”

While Jansen has indeed been following the Hawks since the early 70’s, the last few years have seen a marked shift in his loyalty to the team. Now, instead of enjoying the team’s success, he spends most post-game hours finding other Hawks fans to trash-talk.

“Name two guys on the 1989 roster, I dare you,” he recently challenged someone who called Patrick Kane the most dazzling Hawks forward ever. “Do you even know who Dennis Savard is, you jackhole?! I can practically see you Googling his name right now.”

When he’s not trolling fellow Hawks fans on the Internet, Jansen enjoys annoying people at the office and the few social functions he gets invited to these days.