Frustrated with the additional time off between rounds one and two of the NHL playoffs, the Blackhawks have asked Commissioner Gary Bettman to play the Blues again.

Captain Jonathan Toews met with reporters early Wednesday morning.

“We don’t have a game tonight?” Toews asked, rolling his eyes. “Can we just get this started already? When did we last play? Sunday? Let’s go! We’re all bored in the locker room. Trust me you don’t want Kaner to have additional time on his hands. Let’s just play St. Louis again. Sharpie even suggested we’ll give them another two-game lead.”

General Manager Stan Bowman agreed.

“The faster we get this going the faster they can shave those damn beards,” he said. “I mean look at Leddy. Is he fooling anyone with that? We’ve petitioned the league and we’ll wait for the decision.”

Bowman was asked about Toews’ comments about giving the Blues another two game advantage.

“We’ve had internal discussions about that and we’re in agreement with our captain,” said Bowman. “Two games, even three games we’ll give them. Let’s just start this next round already.”