Many Sox fans made the pilgrimage this year to the Orlando home of local coot Hawk Harrelson home for the traditional Head in the Ground Day. This marks the 25th time in 25 years that Hawk Harrelson left his home and saw his shadow, signifying that he will continue to ignore logic and reason and focus on non-quantitative baseball announcing.

The Hawk then spoke to the crowd:

“There are three things you need to succeed in baseball: Heart, Grindiness, and Moxy. Scotty Pods had it. Paulie’s got it. Biggin’s learnin’ it. and Beckham? He’s the best. All these folks who say that slugging for numbers has value, I measure my team in what counts most, hustle and grit! There are two statistics that are important to baseball, Wins and The Will To Win, or what I cleverly call ‘T.W.T.W.’ That’s all! Now get off my lawn dagumit!”

Brew Dreesus