With marijuana legal in their home state, and the team seemingly destined to win the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos took a page from the 1985 Chicago Bears and recorded a music video to tout their big game aspirations.

The video, created back in November, was supposed to be released if the team won the Super Bowl, but it was accidentally released on the eve of their first playoff game. In the video, several members of the Broncos are clearly smoking or under the influence of marijuana while they dance and giggle their way through cheesy lyrics.

“I’m the smokin’ QB known as Manning,” the team’s quarterback raps during the video. “I got the munchies for the touchdowns and I eat ’em up, eat ’em up. I own Papa John’s, so let’s get some pizza…but first let’s play football so I can beat ya, beat ya, beat ya!”

Other highlights include the players smoking from football-themed pipes and bongs, playing video games in the locker room, and a cameo by executive vice president John Elway passing the proverbial torch — a giant joint — to Manning.