I have scoured the Internet for ages looking for different algorithms that would be able to enlighten me regarding the abilities of teams in the NHL. I have even watched countless hours of NHL hockey and listened to opinions endlessly thrown at me on the radio, but according to my grandma, the Chicago Blackhawks are “pretty good.”

The best part? She’s right! Turns out according to NHL.com they won something called the “Stanley Cup” last year. My grandmother offered up her favorite player on this team too, and though she couldn’t name more than one, I imagine it’s because they only have one player on the ice at the time, because apparently Patrick Kane is pretty good, too.

She didn’t stop there. Apparently, the Bears employ a quarterback named Jay Cutler, my wife and I need to have a child and Aunt Rosemary’s knee acts up in this weather.

It was like talking to a sage of sports wisdom. However, I’m afraid we’ll never know if the AFL will ever be absorbed into the NFL.

Brew Dreesus