According to reports, Khaseem Greene and Jon Bostic spent most of today in the office of Roosevelt Elementary school principal Jim Becklebean, after getting into a series of altercations in the school’s cafeteria.

Apparently the two were unable to get through the line of players filling their plates at Halas Hall earlier in the day and wandered out the complex to pursue other lunch options. Several failed attempts to purchase burgers from fast food restaurants reportedly followed, including a missed drive-thru and a seemingly impervious line of seniors at a Culver’s.

When Bostic and Greene finally found their way to Roosevelt Elementary’s cafeteria for fifth period lunch, Bostic was reportedly nudged from the salad bar by an unidentified 2nd grader who disappeared into the crowd. According to witnesses, Greene pursued the youngster but was unable to get a good angle on her.

In an act of good faith, the Bears linebackers later joined Roosevelt students in the playground for a game of red rover. According to witness, neither Bostic nor Greene were able to successfully break through the line.

Dave Narter