In a bizarre coincidence, 28-year-old Steve Kowalski of Chicago tore his medial meniscus at the “14th Annual Kowalski Turkey Bowl” early Thursday morning. It was the exact injury Derrick Rose suffered last Friday. What’s even stranger is that Kowalski had been mocking Rose on social media all week. Kowalski took to Twitter to express his thoughts on Rose:

“@SteveyDubs81 Unbelievable DRose! You must be made of glass! You shoulda came back last year when you had the chance!”

Kowalski also posted on his Facebook account a picture of a walking boot and some walking braces with the caption “New DRose shoes! LOL.”

When asked how the meniscus tear happened, he said, “I was sprinting down field on a post route and I heard a pop. It’s a shame because I was looking to put up record breaking numbers this year.”

The Heckler caught up with John Kowalski, Steve’s uncle, and asked him about what he saw when the unfortunate incident happened. “Is that the story he told you? He tore is on a post route?” John asked. “He tore that thing getting out of the car in the parking lot! He never even made it to the field! It’s ridiculous because he sprained his ankle on the first play from scrimmage at last year’s game and had to sit out the rest of the day! He could’ve came back too but he refused! That kid’s made of glass!”

Kowalski is expected to make a full recovery for next year’s Turkey Bowl, however, there’s talk he could be replaced in 2014 by the Kowalski daughter’s new fiance, Matt Ford.

Brian Farrell