Injured Bears quarterback Jay Cutler thought he could take head coach Marc Trestman’s promises at face value, but after seeing Trestman and backup QB Josh McCown giggling while going over game film at Halas Hall, Cutler isn’t sure what to believe anymore.

“I thought this whole QB controversy was just media hype. Trest assured me the job was mine when I got healthy,” said Cutler. “But then I saw him and Josh hanging out in video suite A, analyzing coverages. It was like, what the hell? They told me they were both heading home after practice, but then I see them all nice and cozy chatting about soft spots in zone defenses?”

McCown tried to defuse the situation.

“I told Jay, ‘It’s just a temporary thing. You’re still Marc’s top guy in the long-run,'” said the backup quarterback. “I know my place here. Sure, I usually have to study film in suite B, but I mean, right now, I’m kinda the ‘acting’ starter, or starter temporarius, if you will.”

Cutler remained unconvinced.

“I’m beginning to think Trent Dilfer and Alex Brown were right … Trest and Josh are totally being weird,” said Cutler. “Just the other day I was driving past Outback and I swear I saw them sharing one of those blooming onion things. I introduced them to that appetizer!”