The doors to the NFL Hall of Fame are opened for Peyton Manning. Now is in his 16th NFL season, Manning has always been considered a borderline Hall of Fame prospect at best. Even though he has passed for over 60,000 yards and 450 touchdowns, there was something that was always lacking on his NFL resume.

His newest Papa John’s commercial, however, has officially put him over the top and guaranteed that when he finally retires from playing the game of football, there will be a bust waiting for him in Canton.

In his latest commercial, an over-exuberant Peyton can be seen with Papa John’s owner John Schnatter placing pepperoni on a pizza. When the Super Bowl-winning QB fails to evenly distribute the pepperoni on the pie, he gets flagged by a referee for this egregious error. The commercial so impressed the NFL Hall of Fame committee that they have told Peyton to start preparing his induction speech now because, “You’re getting that yellow jacket.”

Manning had done other commercials in the past. But it was his work with Papa John’s that far surpassed anything he ever did for Sirius XM, DirecTV, MasterCard, Reebok, Gatorade and the Sony Autosound Tempura Hatchback Women’s Line of At and T Mifi Handheld Perfume caseholders.

With the latest Papa John’s commercial, Manning has finally done enough to separate himself from the pack. Not only that, but Hall of Fame voters have told Manning, the QB with multiple MVP’s, over 253 games started and well over a hundred regular season victories, that with another Papa John’s commercial or two he can pretty much guarantee that he’ll go into the hall on the very first ballot.