After speaking with Padres’ bench coach Rick Renteria, the Chicago Cubs plan to interview at least 10 other guys nobody has ever heard of either.

“Is there really any point to hiring a brand name manager, somebody like Joe Girardi or Tony La Russa?” GM Jed Hoyer asked. “There’s not one person in the city of Chicago who thinks this team will be any better next year, or the year after that, so what’s the point?”

“I drew up a list of about 50 names that will leave most fans totally bewildered, but I boiled it down to a manageable 10 or 12,” Hoyer said.

Included on the roster of managerial candidates is one of the University of Chicago Nobel Prize winning professors, a Kenyan who ran in the Chicago Marathon and someone named Raoul.

“I can’t remember the other guys on the list,” said Hoyer. “But I know Mr. Nutting, my French teacher from sophomore year of high school, is on it.”