An elderly man accidentally shuffled on to the field at Tuesday night’s All-Star Game, causing a momentary disruption to the midsummer classic. The senior citizen, appearing confused and addled, managed to somehow elude security guards in the middle of the eighth inning, when he meandered out to the pitchers mound just after the National Leaguers had left the field. Egged on by the raucous New York crowd, the man flailed his arms and turned around in circles for several minutes on the infield, while those in the stands screamed out unintelligible chants which sounded like “Bah-bah-bah” and “So-good, so-good, so-good.”

Curiously, the stadium security allowed the spectacle to run its course without interference. A spokesperson for the security staff said, “Well, it was obvious that the old duffer wasn’t out there to cause any harm, so we figured what the hell, it is just an exhibition game after all. Besides, an old codger like that was bound to run out of gas sooner or later.” Upon completion of his antics, the unidentified intruder was peacefully ushered out of the stadium, and presumably back to the safe haven of his nursing home.

Edgar Allan Photoshoppe