It was an ordinary public appearance for popular Blackhawks player Patrick Sharp, as he signed autographs and entertained conversation with fans at a promotion in Glen Ellyn. After meeting with hundreds of fans, many were shocked when a rather attractive woman with three kids in tow, squeezed his face exclaiming, “Tu Se Faccia Bello!” leaving the Blackhawks winger with an extremely flushed complexion and an unknown accomplice escaping into the crowd while the mysterious woman walked away quite satisfied with herself.

Heckler reporters were on the scene and caught up to this woman who identified herself as Laura F. from Glendale Heights, IL. rather proud of her accomplishment. “All I did was ask him if I could just squeeze his face! I told him it was an Italian thing and he said ‘Sure!’ so I did!” She had gone on to elaborate, “I did say thank you. He signed the jersey and the line kept moving. So there is no problem here!”

The mysterious accomplice who escaped into the crowd was later identified as her 16 year old son who asked to remain anonymous. When asked the motive for the hasty retreat he was only quoted as saying, “You embarrassed me Mom!” No further comment was given.

It was later revealed that the incident was shared via Facebook and Twitter with all close friends of the perpetrator. receiving a myriad of responses raging from exclamations of “Yummy!” and “Jealous!” to questions of sanity and the usual plethora of likes and re-tweets. When asked what the phrase “Tu Se Faccia Bello” translates into English, the response was “Just look at him! You tell ME what it means!”