The last-known remaining Blawkhawks fan attending the Stanley Cup Finals who was not wearing some version of the team jersey finally obtained one shortly before Saturday’s pivotal Game 5 Final against the Bruins.

“It’s quite a relief.” said Al Shenkmeyer, of northwest suburban Crystal Lake. “I felt like such an outcast at these games, with the staring and the pointing. I feel good now.”

Shenkmeyer, who has been attending games since the late 90’s with his brother Sam, had trouble obtaining a jersey mostly because he was priced out of the market.

“I sell mufflers, and with the cost of the ticket it just wasn’t possible to do both” he said. Adding, “I usually have to sneak a sandwich in with me just so I can eat.”

His brother was the one who came through with the jersey, which was presented to him on fathers day.

“I found an old Grant Mulvey jersey at a yard sale, We tried to get the name off but it’s got those iron-on letters so it was impossible. He’ll just have to wear it like it is”, Sam said. Adding, “Now that I think of it, it could really BE Grant Mulveys jersey.”

John F