The White Sox, who have always been known for great promotional giveaways, have added a promotion for next week’s home stand. Being 10.5 games out of first place and owning the American League’s second-worst record, “blowing up” this team at the trade deadline is imminent, so VP of Marketing Brooks Boyer decided to have some fun and is giving away construction hardhats to the teams first loyal customers.

It’s been a while since White Sox fans had to cope with such a disappointing start to a season, compiled with the thoughts of rebuilding. December 2010 seems like a distant memory when the team signed Adam Dunn, re-signed Konerko and had a solid core of healthy starting pitching. World Series dreaming was happening on the South Side. Two and a half years later, blowing up the team is now a realistic nightmare. Thankfully the creative minds in the marketing department are giving the fans a dose of laughing gas before they deliver the 2013 season lethal injection.

“We understand this hasn’t been the best of years to watch our South Siders,” said Boyer. “Unfortunately, it looks as though we’ll be selling pieces of the team in the near future to rebuild. And if anyone knows about rebuilding and laying down a new foundation the right way, it’s our blue collar, pro-union fan base. That’s why we’re giving away the hardhats.”

Brian Farrell