“Keep the glove down, keep the glove down, keep the glove down.”

A friendly visit to the locker room by Red Sox first baseman and lifelong pariah Bill Buckner nearly backfired on Corey Crawford and the Blackhawks during a wild Game 4 victory in the Stanley Cup Final.

“Yeah, I talked to Bill a little before the game, he kept muttering ‘Keep the glove down, stupid!’ and I thought he was offering some constructive advice, but now I’m not so sure,” Crawford said. “I think I would’ve stopped most of those shots if I played them the way I usually do. But there’s no doubt I bucknered them up.”

Bruins officials had no knowledge of Buckner’s presence in a restricted area, but confirmed that he is often found wandering aimlessly around Boston’s big athletic events. “Bill may have been trying to help the Bruins to get back in the good graces of the Boston faithful,” said a team spokesman.

In a related development, head coach Joel Quenneville would neither confirm nor deny that Crawford plans on using a large Mickey Mouse hand instead of his regular catching glove for the remainder of the series.