Sounds like “Eddie O” might have to change the nickname to “Eddie Uh-Oh.” In a recent interview, Eddie Olczyk says no way he’s biased toward Chicago, saying he calls every game right down the middle.

Slight problem: He made these claims while wearing one of his jerseys from his playing days for the Blackhawks. After finally noticing that, he said: “Oops. How come I didn’t see that in the first place? Um, it’s my Halloween costume. Yeah, I’m trying it out now to see if people will like it. Don’t give me none of that ‘But Halloween is still four months away’ garbage! I want to be ready when the holiday comes!”

With that, he pulled the shirt of the interviewer over his head and pummeled him for 15 seconds before letting him fall to the ground. Noticing no one saw his beatdown, Olczyk yelled for someone to call the ambulance because the guy fell off his chair and suffered a concussion.

Mariotti Jr.