Fans attending Cubs games on a regular basis know that around 4:30 pm, the Wrigley Field outfield is dive-bombed by hungry seagulls feeding on discarded peanut shells, popcorn and nachos.

Always seeking new revenue sources, the team announced a new promotion where one lucky fan will have the opportunity to shoot as many seagulls as possible during a one-minute period.

“Cubs faithful just love it when they watch seagulls bivouacking in center field right in the middle of a game,” the team’s marketing agency spokesman  said in a press release. “With the ball club struggling the past few years, the birds have become the highlight of several games.”

To participate in the contest, which will take place during a yet-to-be named game this summer, fans will pay $20 per entry for a chance at the shoot. For their effort, the winner receives a bounty for each seagull of one free upper deck reserved seat for a weekday game in September, and a bison dog.

In addition, an extra ticket and bison dog will be paid if the odd pigeon that might wander into the flock of seagulls is taken out.