Gabe Carimi is taking the words of his critics literally. Fans and pundits have said the fledgling lineman needs to bulk up and “live in the weight room.” Carimi intends on doing exactly that.

A formal appeal was submitted by Carimi to the Bears organization, requesting permission to convert a portion of the Halas Hall weight room into a studio apartment for him. The apartment would include a convertible sofa, walk-in closet, microwave, and a TV with an Xbox.

“There’s a kitchen and bathrooms throughout the building,” said Carimi. “People said I should live in the weight room and here I am. All I’m asking for is some living quarters. As long as I have my video games and my Mountain Dew, I’m solid.”

Newly hired strength and conditioning coordinator Mike Clark has been contacted by Carimi, and offered a roommate/personal trainer role.

“It’ll help with the rent,” said Carimi of the Clark offer. “He’s new to Chicago. I can show him around and he can help me pack on some pounds.”

John Jenzeh