The Chicago Bears beat the Minnesota Vikings Sunday in a game you do not want to write home about. While the Bears got Jay Cutler back from a concussion, the injury bug bit hard at Soldier Field. Devin Hester, Matt Forte, Charles “Peanut” Tillman, Lance Louis and the other starting guard Chris Spencer were all injured during the contest. Louis is out for the year, thanks to an ACL tear he received when he was blindsided by Jared Allen on an interception return.

When asked how best to describe the game, local Chicagoan Sam Bond said, “A win’s a win, isn’t it?”

Unfortunately for Mr. Bond, that saying refers only to the scoreboard and not to massive injuries happening in the course of the game.

Northwestern student Phil Polaski described the game as, “The definition of a Pyrrhic victory in football.”

A very drunk man next to him then spun around and said, “That game didn’t involve geometry, I thought you kids was supposed to be smart. We won.”

The Bears hope to be getting the rest of the injured players back before they play the Seattle Seahawks next Sunday.