While a Bears bye week outreach event was considered by all a great success by most, some onlookers questioned the body language of Jay Cutler after the QB and some teammates used their down time to volunteer at a local soup kitchen.

“Sure, he got the soup in the bowls, but it just seemed like he didn’t want to be there,” said Mikey Jones, who’s been homeless for 15 years. He continued to critique Cutler, who had personally donated $10,000 to the Cook County Shelter prior to the event. “And he got really overwhelmed when J’Marcus accidentally let a bunch of us through for seconds all at once; his technique got all sloppy, lots of back-foot ladling, and he overfilled my bowl by quite a bit.”

Soup kitchen director Riley Jacobs also questioned Cutler’s interaction with fellow volunteer Mike Tice.

“Sure, he was smiling and joking around with Coach Tice, but everyone could tell he was just hiding his anger,” said Jacobs. “I mean, I guess I could see why, Tice just left him there by himself; Matt Forte and Michael Bush were right there, but they weren’t allowed to help. But the way Cutler was laughing and posing for pictures with kids was just despicable.”

Most recently, Cutler was changing the flat tire of a distressed motorist who described the QB’s lug nut removal technique as “apathetic and immature.”

Jay R.