The Mets have won five of their last six games, but one person within the organization isn’t happy at all with the team’s resurgence in the standings: manager Terry Collins. The Mets’ skipper was fuming after Wednesday’s 6-0 win over the Pirates and chewed his team out in a closed-door meeting after the game which players described as “terrifying, scary, and psychotic.”

Reportedly, Collins has wanted the Mets to tank this entire season in order to get a high draft pick in 2013, a plan which was going fine until recently.

“I have no excuses for this team at all,” a still visibly-perturbed Collins said at a postgame press conference. “When we want them to win, they lose. When we want them to lose, they win. I mean, is it really that hard for a bunch of grown men to lose a baseball game on purpose. These guys, like Jason [Bay] and Frank [Francisco], are getting paid huge contracts this season and they stink it up in games that matter, and play like superstars in those that don’t. How can an awful team like ours tank properly when they are trying? As they said on ESPN, ‘C’mon man!'”