The popular fast food chain McDonald’s, home of the Big Mac, has begun a new marketing campaign. The company will now offer free stock in the New York Mets with the purchase of a large soda at retail price. McDonald’s also said that it had at one point considered just placing stock on the Dollar Menu, but $1 per share was deemed to be far too expensive for part ownership in the Mets.

“The team looked pretty depressed,” said Mets manager Terry Collins. “So I told them to ‘put a smile on.’ That’s when I got the idea to give them some Happy Meals. I thought it might cheer them up. But our bank account was at $21.49 after a long time spent on the road, and we already overdrafted three times this year, so our bank would refuse to waive the overdraft fee.”

That’s when Mets GM Sandy Alderson came up with an idea to get the team free Happy Meals. He traded away 25% of the franchise’s stock, valued at $592.49 at the time, in return for 50 Happy Meals and 50 Vanilla Milkshakes.

McDonald’s says the stock has since depreciated in value, and despite the soda deal, is still finding it difficult to rid themselves of the stuff. A spokesman for the company said they are also considering putting Mets autographed baseballs in Happy Meals instead of toys because they are less expensive for McDonald’s to buy.