Gold Coaster and lifetime Chicago Cubs fan Preston van Holt has seen a lot Cubs games in his 23 years, but can finally add a first to his list of experiences while at Wrigley Field during Sunday’s 3-0 win over the Astros.

“I was just updating my Facebook on my iPhone to let everyone know I’m at the game, and this chick with huge boobs sits down to my left, so you know, I gotta look,” said van Holt. “Next thing I know, I’m seeing some dude I’d never heard of hit a bomb into the right-field bleachers. It was awesome!”

The following was posted on van Holt’s Facebook page seconds after Anthony Rizzo’s first home run with the Cubs.

“At Wrigley Field! Awesome! Nothing like day baseball, booze, and boobs. Speaking of boobs, check out the cans on this girl. Whoa! Home run! Why didn’t anyone tell me this Rizzo guy was this good? Let’s get some more beers!”

Van Holt later added, “Yeah I inherited these seats down the first base line from my grandfather a few years ago, and I’ve been coming to Cubs games ever since. I love Wrigley. But this was the first time I’ve seen any real action on the field in a long time.”

“I hope that chick has season tickets too. If she starts coming to all the games, I might just start paying more attention to them. Hey, did you guys know we got an electronic video board in right field? That’s awesome!”