White Sox manager Robin Ventura breathed a sigh of relief Wednesday night, knowing he and his White Sox avoided a sweep at the hands of the lowly Cubs and would not be folded as a result.

“The stakes tonight were huge because I knew the league mandates a team is dissolved if the Cubs sweep them,” said Ventura. “Just look at the Padres. They lost all three of their games at Wrigley a few weeks ago and no one has heard from them since.”

Commissioner Bud Selig announced in April that any team swept by the Cubs this year would be immediately disbanded. Fortunately only the Padres have met that fate so far this season, and Selig isn’t too concerned about that.

“We just felt that in order to be swept by the 2012 Cubs, you just don’t deserve to be a part of Major League Baseball,” said Selig. “Since Jerry Reinsdorf and I are good buddies and members of the same country club, I was a little concerned I’d have to kick the White Sox out, but luckily that didn’t happen. I’m quite confident the Cubs are so pathetic they won’t come close to sweeping another clubs all season, so it should be smooth sailing from here on out.”