An unlikely winner emerged from Tuesday’s highly contested gubernatorial recall in Wisconsin as Packers QB Aaron Rodgers took home 75 percent of the popular vote.

“I was just so fed up with the local politicians, I knew only Aaron could fix this mess,” said Packer fan Laurie Benson. “Plus he’ll be the first Governor in history to also be the Super Bowl MVP. Go Pack, Go!”

While Rodgers did not appear on the ballot and has never shown any interest in the position, three-quarters of the voters decided to write his name in anyway.

“I only follow Packer stuff,” said Green Bay native Bob Grunowski, referring to the fact that he only pays attention to current events if they are football or sausage-related. “I asked if they would let me keep the ballot, kind of as a souvenir, but they said no. I can’t wait until Rodgers is President and those stupid stars are replaced by mini wedges of cheese!”

Idea inspired by Alex Quigley’s Facebook update. Thanks Alex!