Johan Santana threw the first Mets no-hitter in the team’s 50th year of existence Friday night, but it was another member of his team that stole the show. During an interview with the appropriately named R.A. Dickey, an unidentified naked Mets player walked into view of the cameras and caused quite a stir.

“It wasn’t me!” said David Wright adamantly. “I’d never do anything to overshadow Johan’s performance … and if you look closely, that dude isn’t overshadowing anybody.”

During his postgame press conference, the history-making Santana appeared agitated when most of the questions were about his teammate’s anatomy, and not his sterling pitching performance.”

“Guys, I just threw a no-hitter. The first ever in franchise history,” said the flustered Santana. “Can we talk about the phantom Beltran hit instead? This conversation is making me uncomfortable.”

Since the unfortunate shot made its way into SNY’s postgame broadcast, internet sleuths have been trying to figure out just which Mets player went full monty.

“Well the legs were white and stocky,” said one observant Mets blogger. “He’s definitely American judging from the picture. If I had to guess by the build, I’d say it was an infielder or a catcher … I like women.”

The Mets released a briefing that the player was sorry for being “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” and would like to assure everyone that the showers were “especially cold that night.”