The Cubs series sweep of the Padres this week was bittersweet. Though the Cubs haveĀ catapulted into the second pick of 2013’s draft, many Cubs fear that the Padres club may be the only team they can defeat. Unfortunately, the Cubs do not face the Padres again until early August, giving players and fans the belief that a 56-game losing streak is in the cards.

“I’m starting to think the Padres are the Dodgers’ Triple-A affiliate,” said Cubs manager Dale Sveum. “But many NL Central DivisionĀ opponents have at least one player I can name. How are we going to beat those guys?”

With a 56-game losing streak looming over his team, Sveum has taken considerations into changing the clubhouse attitude toward the months of June and July.

“I’ve told the guys: ‘Don’t expect to get runs every week. Try to pool them together one night, then unleash all three of them in one game,” said Sveum “That is unless Dempster is pitching. In that case, just be your hit-less selves.”

Brew Dreesus