The Cubs took advantage of a rare road off-day Thursday to celebrate reaching an important milestone on the way to their eventual season-worst 18-game winning streak.

“We’re halfway to 18 and that’s reason enough to party,” said manager Dale Sveum while popping open a fresh bottle of celebratory Miller Lite, his habitual drink of choice. “We’re not going to have a lot of highlights this season, so getting that ninth loss under our belts in Houston Wednesday was a big moment for us.”

Up until Thursday, the Cubs had not held a lead for more than 60 innings, a streak has now restarted will snap at some point this weekend by Sveum’s estimation.

“We’ll probably take another lead at some point against the Pirates, but don’t expect us to hold it,” said Sveum. “That won’t happen until June 7 in Milwaukee when we win our first game in 19 attempts. How sweet will that be?”