The BP Crosstown Cup went missing this weekend, and foul play was suspected. Throughout the Cubs-Sox series, the Cup was occasionally seen on television being defaced, used as a giant beer mug, and brandished as a blunt weapon by drunken fans. When the dust settled, the BP Cup was found in a men’s room, lying in one of the urinals.

Old Town resident and witness Thad Pertly summed up his experience with the BP Cup.

“That dude knows how to party!” he said. “He picked me up some chicks with his bling, then I used him to throw up in because it saved me time not having to head to the bathrooms. Last I saw of the cup, Hawk Harrelson was chasing around Sun-Times beat reporter Joe Cowley, trying to kill him with it.”

Cubs management was confused on what to do with the hardware but decided the urinal was the best resting place for the BP Cup, somewhere fans can show how much they care about the rivalry.

Brew Dreesus