Suggesting that Wrigley Field should be destroyed in a recent column, the Wall Street Journal has been eyeing the plot of land the stadium rests upon. The newspaper, mostly appealing to stock brokers and boat shoe wearing poodle owners, outlined several reasons why the venerable ballpark should be destroyed in an almost 2,000-word article published on May 14th. Many of the reasons included the financial salivation the Journal possessed for 1060 W. Addison and the possible commercial properties it could construct there.

In lieu of Wrigley Field, what some consider the most beautiful baseball structure erected in the history of the game, the Wall Street Journal article suggested putting in yacht storage, a cufflinks factory, fur coat warehousing or a Tommy Bahama megastore.

The rest of the article was filled with stock futures and real estate forecasting that, much like the rest of the publication, put its readers to sleep.

No word yet on whether the Journal put in a bid for Wrigley Field ownership, but it has invested in yet another Italian loafer manufacturer in the meantime.

by Andy Landgrebe