The 2012 Cubs are poised to win the franchise’s first World Series in more than a century, says Lakeview native Bob Benson, pointing to the team’s recent achievement of four victories in six games.

“Look, this is obviously the year,” said Benson, ordering a Tony Campana jersey online. “I think we can say, conservatively, that Campana steals 150. And with Bryan LaHair headed for the Triple Crown and either Ryan Dempster or Jeff Samardzija in line for the Cy Young … well let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be the Cardinals.”

Benson also points to the fact that the Cubs have yet to peak and are already within seven games of first place.

“Just imagine what happens when we get the bullpen right,” he said. “Don’t make any other plans for October is all I’m saying.”

Heckler George