New Bears GM Phil Emery is drawing fire from fans for using a high-round pick on a guy who’s only marginally good at jumping out of a pool, as opposed to former San Diego State DE Jarron Gilbert, a who was picked by Emery’s predecessor and remains most famous for an impressive YouTube clip depicting him jumping out of a pool and landing on his feet. In two seasons on the Bears, Gilbert played in a total of four games and recorded just one tackle.

“Yes, it’s true that Shea is not as good at jumping out of a pool as Jarron was,” said Emery of Boise State DE Shea McClellin, whom the Bears took with their No. 19 overall pick, “but as the GM of this team, I’m responsible for picking players based on their overall talents, not just things like how good they are at jumping out of a pool.”

Emery added that while he is only marginally good at jumping out of a pool, McClellin is an exceptional juggler and mind-reader, which are both qualities Emery hopes will help McClellin fill the void of “cool guy at the team’s summer picnic” that’s existed since Gilbert left the team in 2010.