Local Mets fan Bob Capozzi went into shock during Saturday’s Mets-Braves game at Citi Field after witnessing an unheard-of barrage of home runs from the home team.

After the second of Lucas Duda’s two home runs in the game, Capozzi, who was watching the game at his house in Queens, started feeling woozy and eventually passed out. His wife, Lisa, found him lying on the floor in front of the TV and called the ambulance to bring him to the hospital. It is only the second Mets-related emergency room visit for NY metropolitan-area hospitals so far this season. The other was when a New Jersey man broke his nose after the Mets’ opening day win in a fit of happiness and joy.

“You know, with this Mets team you never expect them to score any runs, especially by hitting a ball over the fence for automatic runs,” Mr. Capozzi said from his hospital bed. “After Duda’s second homer, and the team’s third of the game, I was so shocked and surprised that my body couldn’t take it anymore. If [Jason] Bay had hit the home run, I probably would have died.”

Saturday’s home run barrage gives the Mets three on the season, tying last season’s mark. Still, the team is only projected to hit two more long balls the rest of the year, which would give them the highest home run output since the 1986 championship year.