At Thursday’s opener at Wrigley, Cubs fans were disappointed they did not see the unveiling of a 2012 World Series banner after this winter’s popular and authentic-feeling “MLB the Show” TV ad that depicted the Cubs winning the World Series.

“Every year we know we are going to win the World Series,” said one fan at the game. “This time it happened for real, in a commercial, on TV. Cubs fans know everything there is to know about baseball and that commercial is the greatest thing to ever happen on the north side. I thought we came down here for a World Series parade, but I guess we will have to wait for August to show the world that it’s actually really going to happen this year!”

The fan angrily walked away when informed that the World Series is in fact not in August.

“I thought it was real!” another ignorant Cubs fan exclaimed while waiting in line to get inside an overcrowded club in Wrigleyville. He said he was there to continue the age old Cubs fan tradition of getting belligerent to mask their baseball ignorance. “We came down here to see a banner raised this opening day, but now I will just have to continue my annual tradition of telling everyone how the Cubs are the most successful franchise in the MLB and all of Chicago.”

An executive from PlayStation shared his thoughts regarding the reaction to this commercial.

“We were really just trying to attract a large group of people to think this was a cool, must have video game,” said the exec. “It’s not our fault they are clueless when it comes to the game of baseball. In reality they still would have wasted vacation and personal days to come down to the ballpark today and pretend to be real baseball fans, so we don’t really feel all that bad.”