What Actually Happened
The Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the New York Yankees in seven games in one of the most thrilling championship series of all time. The memorable Game 7 ended with a walk-off bloop hit by Luis Gonzalez against previously-impenetrable closer Mariano Rivera. Diamondback hurlers Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling put on one of the best post-season tandem pitching performances in league history.

What Would Have Been Cooler
While we wouldn’t change a thing about the final outcome (Diamondbacks winning), we would make some cosmetic changes to the series. For example, considering Luis Gonzalez was probably on a ridiculous steroid cocktail at the time, we would have preferred a walk-off grand slam that took out the Jumbotron. Also, Mark Grace not only should have started the rally, but he should have been allowed to make out with a random female fan to celebrate. Instead of Curt Schilling, we would have teamed up Randy Johnson with a pitcher that didn’t turn out to be a huge douche. Lastly, some lasers would have been nice.