Just one week after the Wilpons settled the Bernie Madoff case, it appears they will be receiving another influx of capital. Comedy Central and Sterling Mets LP have agreed to a two-year, $100 million deal in which all Mets losses will be replayed on the network.

“We’re very excited to announce what we believe will be over 300 hours of new programming to our network this year,” said a very proud Glen Hodge, a VP at Comedy Central. “Our late night block will now feature quite possibly the funniest show on TV – the New York Mets.”

Comedy Central has long desired to rid their network of overnight infomercials, and with this acquisition, they will air Mets losses at 2 a.m. nightly. One the rare chance the Mets win, they will re-broadcast what they deem was the funniest loss of the week.

“Initially we’re going to let the games run just as they would on SNY, but in time, we hope to add our own commentaries,” Hodge added. “Daniel Tosh has expressed interest already. We also believe that this will lead to our fans desire to see more horrendous professional teams. The long term goal is a network comprised of just hilarious sporting events. As of today we’re in talks with the Chicago Cubs, the Washington Redskins, and fingers crossed, the New York Jets.”

The move will not interfere with the Mets current television schedule in any way. Games will still air on SNY, WB11, and ESPN respectively.

Fred Wilpon called the partnership “beneficial” and has no problem being the butt of jokes.

“Over the years you learn to laugh at yourself, ya know? Plus, more kids might buy our hats, and wear them ironically,” speculated Wilpon. “Also, don’t take this as us resigning to the fact we’re going to be terrible. It’s a guaranteed contract baby, if the Mets start winning, the jokes on them.”