Josh McDaniels lies hidden behind all the big name players in the signing of Peyton Manning. The ex-Broncos coach still had a point to prove in Denver. Unbeknownst to most Bronco fans, McDaniels became a subtle influence in bringing Manning to the Mile High City.

One reason for McDaniels’s ouster as Denver head coach was his inability to find a suitable quarterback to pilot the offense after his falling out with Jay Cutler. Being left with Kyle Orton has left a sour taste in McDaniels’ mouth to this day. Dead set on righting his wrongs with the Broncos franchise, the current Patriots coordinator contacted John Elway and offered his recruiting services.

“I was completely surprised and confused,” said Elway. “Here was a guy who went back to coach with New England, yet he calls us up and offers to help us court Peyton Manning.”

Manning had strongly considered Denver before McDaniels’ advances.

“He told me about how great everything was in Denver,” stated Manning. “The fact that a guy who was fired was willing to stick up for his former employer spoke volumes about the Broncos.”’

When asked if he was bothered by McDaniels’ recruitment of Manning for the Broncos, Bill Belichick simply shrugged.

“The real question at hand here is would I rather have Peyton play for Miami or Denver?” asked the Patriots coach. “The answer very simply is: the Denver Broncos.”

Since Belichick’s statement, the Dolphins have considered reporting the Patriots to the league office, but will likely back down for fear of retaliation by the Bills, Patriots and Jets.

John Jenzeh