Manning Watch 2012 ended when Peyton Manning signed a five-year, $96 million contract with the Broncos Tuesday. Denver wasn’t initially seen as a likely candidate to sign the veteran QB, as many NFL analysts predicted the veteran QB would instead sign with the Titans or 49ers, but Manning indicated the main factor in his decision-making process was a “sweet, horse-related mascot.”

“Up until my injury last season, I’d always considered myself to be a ‘workhorse’ type of player,” said Manning, who never missed a game until last year’s season-long neck injury. “That equestrian imagery has been a big part of my success in the NFL over the years, and while the Indianapolis Colts have been great to me throughout my entire career, it’s time to move on. The Denver Broncos are a first-class organization, and, like the Colts, allow me to continue to express my love of horses, ponies, stallions, mustangs, and other various steeds on the football field.”