The Bears have long been attached to the classic navy and white jersey with orange piping, but recent contract disputes with Reebok have forced the team to change their jersey supplier to ’90s icon Zubaz.

Zubaz spokesperson, Fred Bluto, in a recent press conference explained the move.

“We are excited to be back in the new millennium with this move” said Bluto “Since the early ’90s, our business model has been to create clothing that is only brought out to tailgate, sit in the NASCAR infields and attend strip clubs. Now we are relevant again.”

At least a few Bears fans seem eager for the move.

“Finally, now when I look in the closet, I see another option hanging between my Steve Walsh and David Terrell jerseys to remind me of the glory years of the ’90s,” said Bears fan Josh Donaghy.

Brew Dreesus