Knicks’ GM Glen Grunwald announced the team will rent out point guard Jeremy Lin to other pro sports teams who are looking for more media coverage and storylines to drum up fan interest.

“I would be completely receptive to a possible rental to another team,” Lin said. “Contrary to what everyone else thinks, I don’t really like playing on the Knicks but New York loves me so I have to deal with it. I would be fine with going to a team like the Cavs or Kings for a few weeks in order to bring some attention to those smaller-markets. Of course, I would go back to the Knicks for the playoffs but being on that team for a month has already taken its toll on me and I need a break. There’s only so much of Mike D’Antoni one guy can take.”

The Kansas City Royals, Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Rockets have already made serious offers to Grunwald and a few other boring teams are expected to show interest in the coming days.