If Starlin Castro keeps this up, he’s going to begin to develop a bad reputation. Already having had problems with women from earlier this year, Castro got into trouble with another yet another one.

It was a through an interpreter that Castro first began hitting on Trudy Wood, who was visiting her big brother Kerry in Mesa for spring training.

“I was waiting outside the locker room when an older man approached me and asked, ‘You got Wood too?’” said Kid K’s sister with a slight Texas drawl. “I was originally creeped out, but when I saw it was just Starlin’s interpreter I just laughed. Then he asked me if I’d ever seen the inside of a trainer’s room, and one thing led to another … ”

While the rest of the team was out practicing, Castro was in the training room getting “treated,” as his interpreter, Omar, likes to say. “Treatments” of this kind are strictly forbidden in the now Theo Epstein run Cubs, and it is clearly outlined in his “The Cub Way” manual that “ … no player or member of the organization, including Todd Ricketts, shall fool around with another player’s or member’s family members without consent and proper courtship.”

Infractions of this nature are to be policed by the players themselves, and when Wood got wind of it through clubhouse gossip Ryan Dempster, Wood threw at Castro during batting practice, hitting Castro in the wrist. Castro was clearly in pain, and it’s unknown how serious the injury is.

Afterwards the two hugged to show that there were no bad feelings, but it was all for show. Once they reached the locker room, Wood let the young All-Star have it.

“I’ve never seen Kerry that angry,” said Dempster. “He grabbed Castro by the Jheri curl and repeatedly asked Castro if he loved her. It was quite mad, but from my experience, situations like this only bring a club closer.”

Michael Kloempken