Joakim Noah was rattled after Wednesday’s win over Milwaukee, not exactly what you’d expect from a guy who just notched his first career triple-double.

“I don’t know how the entire arena found out about the huge new bong I bought last week,” said Noah, mistaking his 13-point, 13-rebound 10-assist stat line for his new double barreled, three-foot marijuana water pipe he’s affectionately been calling “Triple-Double.” “I’m really freaked out. Do you think I can get arrested?”

Noah said this latest freak out has him considering giving up the recreational marijuana habit he’s maintained for more than a decade.

“I haven’t been this spooked since I got busted in Florida last year,” said Noah, referring to his 2008 arrest in Gainesville. “This time I’m giving up pot for good though, not like the 12 hours I went without it after my arrest.”