The Chicago Blackhawks have tried to downplay a scuffle between the team’s two star players on a recent flight. According to multiple sources, tension had been brewing for some time between the Canadian and American players, and things finally came to a boil.

“It’s the whole Words with Friends thing,” said a team source who asked to remain anonymous because he has been accused of looking up words on Google before playing his turn. “The Canadian guys and American guys have different versions, and whoever invites someone to play gets to use their country’s spelling.”

On this particular flight, Toews had invited Kane to play a winner-take-all game. Toews hit a double word score by spelling ‘centre’ and Kane got upset. Kane then thought he had the game won when he spelled ‘defense’ with a triple letter score on ‘F’ but the Canadian version ruled it as an incorrect spelling.

Neither Toews nor Kane would talk about the incident on record, but injured Blackhawk Daniel Carcillo reached out to both sides.

“I don’t know why they’re so mad,” he said. “Somehow Marian Hossa got my user name and he’s always inviting me to play!”