Following the lead of marketers like Honda and Toyota, the NFL has decided to build buzz for Super Bowl XLVI by releasing the entire game on YouTube five days before the actual event.

“People will be sure to watch the game on Sunday if they’ve already seen a ‘sneak peek’ of the entire event on Tuesday,” said commissioner Roger Goodell. “At first it sounded crazy, but that’s why all those VP’s of marketing get paid the big bucks!”

The game, which ends in a 31-27 victory for the New York Giants over the New England Patriots, has already garnered 54 million views on YouTube.

“That’s how we know it’s successful,” said Goodell. “It’s all about the YouTube numbers.”

The NFL was originally going to leak only the first quarter, but the people at Honda, Doritos and Toyota suggested releasing the whole thing to properly whet the fan’s appetite.

“I asked if seeing the game ahead of time might mean people will tune out during the re-broadcasting on Sunday,” said Goodell. “But the marketers assured me that wouldn’t happen.”

By George Ellis

Heckler George