The Rangers’ Marian Gaborik has been called a “sniper” in the past, but never in the literal sense – that is until Canadian police arrested the All-Star for suspicious behavior Monday morning.

After scoring a goal on his Rangers’ teammate Henrik Lundqvist in Sunday’s All-Star Game, Gaborik aimed his stick like a rifle and pantomimed shooting his friend in the chest.

“Here in Canada, that is considered a terroristic threat,” said Canadian Mountie Jan Badabadeux. “We do not take chances like you Yanks do. That is why our crime rate is so low.”

Gaborik claims the inspiration for his stunt was teammate Artem Anisimov, who earlier in the season performed the same celebration in a game, which started a brawl on the ice.

The Rangers’ winger was put on the Canadian Most Wanted list, and detained at the US-Canadian border driving the car he won for being the MVP of the game.

“Hank [Lundqvist] thought it was funny,” said Gaborik. “I don’t care that they took my car, that thing was a piece of crap, but I really need to get back to America for the next game, we’re trying to win the conference here.”

John Tortorella plans to re-shift his lines for Tuesday night’s game, but the outspoken coach isn’t happy about it.

“That’s just like Canada, and just like the NHL,” Torts cried. “Bunch of [expletives], all of em. Gabby is the softest guy on our team, and they think he’s a terrorist? [Expletive] joke, just a [expletive] joke!”