While the White Sox begin their “rebuilding” 2012 season, Paul Konerko announced to fans at SoxFest that he completed a bucket list this off-season.

Topping his list is a 15-day DL stint to participate in the Chicago Triathlon in August.

“This will be an ideal way to see the city, plus, I figured we’ll be out of the playoff hunt by March 30th,” said an excited Konerko. ‘Working out all winter, my swim is down to 45 minutes, my bike is at a steady 95 minutes and I think I can get my run down to 13 days.”

Sox skipper Robin Ventura was furious when given the news.

“We have the Royals to hold off for 4th place! How do I know Paulie won’t avoid the 60-day DL if he turns down the wrong street?”

Brew Dreesus