Nearly halfway through this 2011-12 hockey season, no young call-up has left his mark on the Blackhawks as much as Andrew Shaw. Coming from complete-unknown status, the youngster both fought and scored in his first NHL game. Shaw’s edgy style of play already has fans and writers debating various saw-related nicknames, but that may have to change, as Shaw has revealed that the very word makes him shiver.

“There was this fifth-grade class trip to the saw factory,” said Shaw. “I was separated from the group and … it’s kinda hard to talk about. Have you seen all those sequels to the Saw movie where people wander through confusing death-mazes for no reason? I could have written those.”

As long as Shaw can remember, everyone from coaches to classmates have stuck him with various forms of the feared nickname, from the apt Hack-Shaw or Buzz-Shaw to the simply confusing Circular-Shaw.

“Just forget my last name altogether,” suggested the skater. “How about Hurricane Andrew? Having grown up in Canada I have no fear of those.”

By Dan Bradley

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