Thanks to everyone who visited The Heckler’s booth at the 2012 Cubs Convention. It was a lot of fun and it seems like there’s a pretty good feeling in the air about the Cubs right now, but one that’s a little more real than the feelings of delusional bliss in recent years (dating back to the year the Model T came out in fact).

We had a blast interacting with Heckler fans from all around the country (one was even from Poland and said the first time she saw The Heckler, she actually thought the Cubs were going to lock her in the stadium to prevent her from leaving early. Whoops).

A lot of people dug our shirts, which was pretty cool. We started running out of a few sizes and styles pretty quickly so if you couldn’t get them (or missed the Convention), please check them out at and enter “Convention” in the discount code to save 25 percent. The offer ends Sunday, Jan. 22 so please act quickly.

Lastly, congrats to Robin D. who won our Cubs ticket raffle. We’ll be in touch Robin!

Thanks again – Tell your friends to check out The Heckler, especially on Twitter and Facebook. We can use all the support you can help get.