Aaron Rodgers appeared rusty in the Packers’ playoff loss to the Giants, missing on throws the elite quarterback usually makes with ease. Reports coming out of Green Bay suggest Rodgers didn’t practice at all the last two weeks and simply caroused around his local State Farm insurance office.

“I saw that Rodgers guy at the State Farm office every day,” said some guy with a New Jersey accent and a Cheesehead foam hat. “I’m unemployed and wander around drunk all day in case someone happens to be shooting a commercial I can walk in on. And every time I walked past the window there was Rodgers, just hanging out.”

Numerous other State Farm customers confirmed they spoke with Rodgers at the office the last two weeks, often yukking it up while Rodgers did his famous “discount double check” routine.

“Rodgers was just lounging around without a care in the world,” said a State Farm employee. “I asked him if he should be practicing for the Giants game and he laughed and did the ‘discount double check.’ I guess it isn’t so funny now.”