Former Cubs GM Jim Hendry was conspicuously seen at popular Cubs Convention hangout Kitty O’Sheas Saturday afternoon, knocking back bottom shelf gin, along with whatever else he could get his hands on.

Insisting that his presence at Kitty O’Sheas was purely coincidental, Hendry struggled to explain that he was at the bar for other reasons entirely unrelated to the convention. Cubs fans weren’t buying it, however. North Side native Jimmy O’Ranahan expressed his skepticism.

“The food, service and ambiance of Kitty O’Sheas are pretty bad,” said O’Ranahan. “The only reason anybody goes there because it’s the closest place to get loaded at the convention.”

Other fans like Aurora resident Max Isrenelli felt sympathy for the former Cubs exec.

“It’s sad, like showing up uninvited at an elementary school your ex girlfriend works at to recite a love poem to her,” said Isrenelli. “A friend told me that happened to her and it didn’t go well.”

Hendry reportedly left on his own accord, and was later seen walking down Michigan Avenue screaming “Jeff Samardzija will still be a star someday — youuu watch!”

By Andy Landgrebe

Andy Landgrebe